Veterinary wellness care is the focus on prevention and supportive health practices, a positive approach to pet care. At Leslie Animal Clinic, we believe in the philosophy of wellness. This approach to pet care is designed to keep your animal companions with you for as long as possible, in a healthy and comfortable state.

Pet Health Care

Following the wellness approach to pet care allows us to focus on the animal as an individual — testing, vaccinations, and treatments are all based upon the unique condition and lifestyle of your pet. In most cases, however, all pets require a minimum of an exam and bloodwork twice annually for optimum health and early detection and treatment of emerging issues.

The wellness exam includes a hands-on assessment of your pet’s health and condition, from the tip of the nose to the wag of the tail. In addition, we administer the appropriate vaccines and parasite prevention for your pet’s needs and lifestyle.

Visit our Vaccinations page for more about disease prevention and our Pet Dental Care page to learn about the need for quality pet dental care.

Microchip Services

Wellness care includes keeping pets safe at home or when traveling. Pets get lost, run away, and are even stolen from their owners. We help protect pets with the simple act of inserting a microchip.

A ResQ microchip has a code that is unique to your pet, the way your Social Security number is unique to you. When a pet is found and scanned, the unique code can be traced back to you through your database registration at

For pet owners in the military or those who travel with their pets extensively, microchipping is a must! Learn more about the ResQ Pet Identification System at their website.

Turn to the professionals at the AAHA website for a wide variety of articles about pet care.

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Learn more about keeping your pets and family healthy at the CDC Healthy Pets, Healthy People website.