Whether your pet is facing a routine spay or neuter or requires emergency surgery, you want to know that Leslie Animal Clinic offers the most advanced equipment and highly trained professional staff in the area.

We provide advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services to address your pet’s surgical needs. Our digital radiographs offer superior detail when compared to traditional X-ray results. Our extensive in-house veterinary laboratory offers 1-hour bloodwork and same-day results on blood chemistry, CBC, and more to provide the most accurate and efficient diagnosis for your pet.

Our progressive surgical arena allows us to perform a variety of general surgical procedures. Surgical options include soft-tissue surgeries as well as routine spays and neuters. Our anesthesia service is personalized for every pet and closely monitored by a person, not just a machine. During anesthesia, we monitor and record your pet’s vital signs, such as body temperature, heart rate, and respiration, as well as other important factors, ensuring the safety of your pet during surgery.

As a special service to our surgical patients, our office is open prior to business hours — at 7:30 am, Monday through Friday — exclusively for surgery admissions and bloodwork. This allows our staff to focus on you and your pet without the distractions of the general workday, and affords a quieter, less traumatic admission for your pet.

Contact Leslie Animal Clinic for customized veterinary surgical care — because your pet deserves it!