Leslie Animal Clinic offers comprehensive pet dental care for every dog and cat as part of our wellness approach to pet health. Your dog or cat depends on a healthy mouth and strong teeth, only available as a result of consistent oral and dental care.

Aside from bad breath, broken or lost teeth, and unhealthy teeth and gums, dental disease can shorten your pet’s life through chronic infection and damage to internal organs. In addition, bad teeth or gum disease can also mean constant pain for your pet.

At Leslie Animal Clinic, pet health and wellness depends on good oral hygiene for every animal. We offer state-of-the-art veterinary dentistry including:

  • Digital dental radiography with intraoral digital pictures
  • Specialized dental care tables
  • High-speed dental drills
  • Advanced monitoring and the safest veterinary anesthesia techniques
  • Warm water surgical blankets
  • Dental prophylaxes (teeth cleaning) for all dogs and cats
  • Extractions and other oral surgical procedures

For advanced dental procedures and oral surgery, we work closely with veterinary specialist Dr. Kris Bannon of Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery of New Mexico.

In addition to our dental services and equipment, we provide our clients with education and training for at-home dental care, with nutritional assessment and recommendations for good oral hygiene.

Dental care for your pet is one of the cornerstones of our wellness program. Discuss your pet’s dental needs and concerns at your next visit to Leslie Animal Clinic — because your pet deserves it!