Leslie Animal Clinic offers an on-site, extensively equipped veterinary laboratory, performing bloodwork and testing with rapid results and a high degree of accuracy.

Very often your pet’s bloodwork may reveal results within the hour, for immediate diagnosis and prompt treatment. Many of our other lab tests may reveal results the same day. This is convenient for our clients and ensures the highest level of safety, comfort, and immediacy of treatment for your pets.

Veterinary Laboratory Testing

  • CBC (complete blood count)—To measure the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, which are indicators of infections, anemia, and leukemia
  • Chemistry panel—To measure electrolytes, enzymes, and chemical elements to determine how the organs are functioning
  • Urinalysis—To detect the presence of protein, sugar, white blood cells, or blood, which may indicate a possible illness such as urinary-tract infections, diabetes, dehydration, or kidney problems

In a healthy dog or cat, laboratory testing during the initial wellness exam establishes baseline values for your pet. At that time we may perform the following laboratory tests:

If your pet should get sick, we then compare that lab work with the previous baseline values to determine the exact level of abnormality. We also use laboratory tests to confirm the presence of illnesses and to rule out other diseases. At times we use lab tests during the treatment of a disease or illness, to measure progress and response to treatment.

When your pet is scheduled for a surgical procedure, we perform pre-surgical screening tests to identify any risk of complications during anesthesia. Screening tests of this type are generally recommended for pets of every age, including young, healthy pets. Each pet is unique and, for the safest surgical experience possible, we always tailor anesthesia to the individual animal’s needs.

Whether for baseline values, diagnostic purposes, or to measure progress during treatment, our laboratory ensures the highest degree of safety and personalized veterinary care for your pets.

At Leslie Animal Clinic we provide the finest in veterinary diagnostic technology and expertise — because your pet deserves it!