Our goal is to reduce stress and minimize fear

Your pets are important to you — they are members of your family, partners, and a constant source of support in a changing or challenging world. Leslie Animal Clinic is here to support your bond with your animal companions and to help you keep your pets healthy and vigorous for years to come.

The professionals of Leslie Animal Clinic stand out from the crowd, in our dedication to the highest standard of veterinary care for pets and extraordinary customer service to our clients. We offer a broad array of resources and educational materials to our pet owners, who desire the knowledge and support to make educated decisions about their veterinary care.

Customized veterinary care for dogs and cats, in a state-of-the-art facility, staffed by honest and caring professionals — could we offer more?

We perform general and routine veterinary surgical procedures in a modern, well-equipped facility. Our in-house laboratory gets diagnostic results faster and with greater accuracy, offering both 1-hour and same-day results on many tests. And our veterinary dentistry program provides advanced techniques for the least traumatic experience for your pet.

Still want more?

To serve our military personnel, Dr. Leslie has earned certification as a Category I veterinarian by the USDA National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP). With this credential, he is able to fulfill pet import and export requirements regarding pet inspection and issuing of International Health Certificates, so necessary to our military pet owners traveling outside of the country.

Don’t be satisfied with pet care that promotes “fast and cheap” service. Seek out quality veterinary care tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Demand customer service that gives you more, with respect and consideration. Embrace the opportunity to learn more with professionals who welcome you. Delight in the vigorous good health of your special animal companion.

Come to Leslie Animal Clinic for quality, customized veterinary care — because your pet deserves it!

Leslie Animal Clinic in Alamogordo: Voted “Best Vet in Otero County” for almost a decade; visit us and find out why!