Quality Pet Care Is Our Mission in Alamogordo, NM

“Quality pet care” means the professionals of Leslie Animal Clinic deliver veterinary care that meets the highest standards available. At the core of our mission is our 4-part discipline, outlined in this simple reminder to our staff and our clients:

P atient Advocate
E ducation
T rustworthy & Caring Staff
S ecurity

We strive to continually educate our staff in an effort to pass it on — to educate each client about the most up-to-date advancements in veterinary care and techniques and to explain how these advancements might benefit their individual pet.

Our goal as a clinic is to consistently meet the highest standards available for veterinary medicine, to challenge ourselves daily to maintain these standards, and to provide compassionate care to our patients and clients.

Teamwork is an essential requirement of all employees — from the professional staff, to the nurses, to the doctors — ensuring our clinic delivers the best veterinary medicine possible.

We maintain good business practices and professionalism at all times, upholding all legal and ethical aspects of the field of veterinary medicine.

We never subject our animal friends to “assembly line care” or cut corners in the name of speedy service. In essence, our goal is not to be faster or cheaper than others — it is simply to provide the highest quality veterinary care in the region.

To understand how we are able to make such a claim, meet Dr. Leslie and the professional team, then take a tour of our facilities. Review all of our veterinary services and our excellent pet health programs. We believe you will find a veterinary practice that is steeped in excellence and compassion.

We invite you to bring your special animal companion to Leslie Animal Clinic for quality, customized veterinary care — because your pet deserves it!